Arizona's only fire truck birthday party!

1-Hour Birthday Package

$375 Saturdays / $350 Sundays & weekdays

No extra charge for mileage anywhere within Maricopa County
  • Fire Truck Rides for Everyone! The most exciting part of all--The party guests are all given a ride around the neighborhood in the fire truck. They're the neighborhood celebrities as everyone smiles and waves. This is the ultimate birthday party memory!

  • Party favors included! Every child receives their own bright red fire chief hat as a memento of their junior firefighting experience!

  • We fire up the truck's pumping system and all the kids get to spray the truck's powerful fire hose!

  • Festive fire-themed party music plays throughout the party from the truck's sound system

  • Children spray real water-filled fire extinguishers in a team competition versus their friends

  • Unique games and contests for the children led by our fantastic fire fighters.

  • Children sit in the fire truck's cab and pretend to drive with their friends helping out. Hurry! Hurry!

  • All the kids get to operate the flashing lights, siren, emergency radio, and PA System

  • Interactive Scavenger Hunt where the kids are asked to find various parts of the fire truck, and then they are taught briefly how these items are used by firefighters.

  • We make an extra effort with the birthday child(ren) to always be the leader in our activities and receive special recognition on their big day

  • And so much more!!


45-Minute Birthday Package

$350 Saturdays / $325 Sundays & weekdays

No extra charge for mileage anywhere within Maricopa County

The same amazing experience in a condensed time frame. Does not include the Fire Truck Rides or party favors.


*These packages are designed for up to 25 guests. Larger group? No problem! Just let us know and we will be happy to suggest a format.

Fire truck birthday party.Young girl spraying water.

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What else can you expect at our parties? Well...

  • Appropriate for any age group from 2-up; and the presentation and activities are tailored for maximum fun for your party's specific age group

  • Get your camera ready! Our Big Red Fire Truck makes a spectacular entrance with lights flashing and siren blaring as it arrives at your home, park, or other party location. The kids go wild with excitement! Our friendly firefighters climb out, greet the kids, and the fun begins.

  • Our Junior Firefighters try on real firefighter gear such as coats, bunker pants, boots, and helmets and learn why firefighters wear this gear. Kids are challenged to see who can put on their gear the fastest when the fire bell rings!

  • Children are given a fun, age-appropriate guided tour of the fire truck and its equipment and can explore all of the vehicle's authentic parts including lights, ladders, fire extinguishers, generator, engine, pump, control panels, hoses, spray nozzles, water cannon, equipment compartments, and much more. We then give them supervised time to explore the truck on their own...feeding their imagination and sense of adventure!

  • We fire up the truck's pumping system and all the kids get to spray the truck's powerful fire hose. They are given an overview of a how a fire pumper works and see the truck in action. We set up a variety of interesting targets for the fire hose, and kids get to test their speed and accuracy versus their friends. In addition to their own turn at spraying the hose, all the kids get an important lesson in teamwork--just like real firefighters!

  • Our custom-designed games have all been developed to emphasize firefighting themes, teamwork, and fun! We choose from a large menu of games to present those that are best-suited to your guests' age group, group size, and party location.

  • Children hear authentic fire station radio calls and emergency vehicle sounds while in the cab of the truck

  • We pose the children in several group photos with Happy Birthday banners and there are tons of adorable individual photo opportunities you'll cherish for years!

  • This amazing adventure is typically staffed by two Fantastic Fire Dept. personnel for a professional, well-organized party experience

Birthday party ideas for kids.

Throw an unforgettable Birthday Party

We arrive loaded with interactive play and learning opportunities, themed games, prizes, contests, tons of real fire equipment, the opportunity to see a real fire truck close-up...and even fire truck rides for some of our programs! Because what we offer is so unique, we encourage you to read the "FAQ" section of our website for other in-depth details on how we deliver a spectacular party experience.

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